Shipping Guidelines


Postage charges are completely FREE for all tags sold through our store


We also offer completely free engraving on ALL orders


And we also provide a free, superstrong stainless steel split ring for attaching your shiny brand new tag to your pet's collar.


Red Dingo

We only ship Genuine Red Dingo products that carry the full Red Dingo Guarantee, but please feel free to contact them direct to confirm Red Dingo Online

Delivery Process

All pet tag orders are lodged simultaneously with Red Dingo's servers on completion of a successful payment. You will receive a confirmation email from Red Dingo to confirm all details entered are correct as well as an accurate preview of how your order will look. If at this stage there is anything you need to change, please notify them immediately by return of email. It is important that you do not wait too long here, and please let them know IMMEDIATELY. There is only a short window of time, as your tag needs to be dispatched same day. Your pet's new tag will now be engraved & a second email sent later in the day to confirm your order has been packed & dispatched.

All tags are dispatched addressed to your pet (with your name is on the envelope too) but please bear this in mind if getting it sent to your work place. Please always list your company name on the envelope to assist with delivery purposes. We find a lot of mail that goes missing does not include the company name.

Engraving Centres

Most Red Dingo orders are dispatched same or next working day, from the Red Dingo engraving centre that's closest to you. Please see the reference chart below to see where your order will be dispatched from:

* Australian, African & New Zealand orders are dispatched from Sydney, Australia.

* All USA & Canadian orders are dispatched from Seattle, United States.

* All Asian orders are dispatched from Shanghai in China.

* All British & European orders are dispatched from Steinen in Switzerland.

Delivery Timescales

As most orders are dispatched SAME DAY you should receive your tag very quickly, generally in one to seven days. This does depend however on your geographic location and postal service. Should there be an issue with your order before dispatch, you will be contacted immediately by email or phone where possible. Please allow up to two weeks for your new pet tag to arrive. If it still has not arrived within these timescales please contact us and we will investigate the matter for you, and arrange for a replacement to be dispatched if necessary.

Please note, we need to be notified that you have NOT received your tag within 6 weeks (45 days) from the date of your order. If you do not notify us within these timescales, we have assumed that the order has been received in full and we have finalised the order. No replacements, under any circumstances, will be sent out after this time if we have not been notified within what we feel are reasonable timescales.

As always, if you need a hand with anything along the way, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help.