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There is no pet more independent than a cat, our feline friends love roaming free, doing what they want and when they want. They are however all very different with unique personalities. Some are curious, some are lazy, some love cuddles and others will just come to you when they get hungry.

PetTags.Online offer a large range of designs to show off your cats individuality with a fashionable pet tag. The sparkling Glitterati range will suit the most diva of felines, whilst the simple enamel designs provides an image to match your pet’s style. The fish in a bowl for a dreamy cat, the tiara for a princess.

Each tag is made with high quality materials. They are tough enough to last the most playful cats, venturing beyond the garden, and comfortable enough for the more dreamy cat that loves a nap on the living room or kitchen floor.

Your cats safety is our highest priority and our tags are engineered to last and be readable for the life of the tag, that always handy if your cat chooses to wander too far. All tags come fully engraved with lettering of your choice and can include a name, address and number. All engraving is free and our engravers know how to do it to the highest of qualities.

We ship out tags to cat lovers all over the world so take a look online, and place an order for a brand new cat tag today.

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  • Enamel Design
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Plastic
  • Glitterati
  • Diamante